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Isn’t It Time You Bring Communication to the Forefront of Your Life?

August 24, 2008

Dear Human Communicators,

How successful would you be personally and professionally if you had a personal Communication Advisor?

Isn’t It Time You Bring Communication to the Forefront of Your Life?

Dear PS: Conversations about Communication™

Welcome to the 5th edition of Dear PS! For the last 5 months we have been climbing the Communication Staircase empowering our communication awareness and skills. I hope you are finding the communication tools and advice valuable. In this edition we are discussing the power of persuasion in relationship to the pervasive messages of mass media confronting all of us daily. There are only 3 ways to persuade and 3 reasons for doing it. Make sure you read chapter 6 of The Art and Science of Communication: Tools for Effective Communication in the Workplace (ASC).

The Human Communication Institute, LLC just returned from an incredibly successful Warm Spirit® Conference in New Orleans and a series of book signings. We are pleased and proud to say “PEOPLE ARE GETTING IT!” They are receiving the empowering tool of the Communication Staircase Model and personal, social and professional lives are positively changing! As our “Dear PS” family, we truly hope yours is too! And as always, we sincerely appreciate your support and PASSING US ON!

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Mass/Persuasive Communication Tips

Dear PS,

Q: Can you help me understand why I seem to be receptive to other people ideas at work and so lacking in
confidence about my own? I seem to trust and listen to others more than I do myself!
A: You appear to be an individual that is highly influenced by “speaker credibility” or ethos. In other
words, during your years of socialization, other people’s opinions, attitudes, and beliefs took
precedence over your own. This inclination has transferred into your professional life. Take some time
to think about why other people’s opinions are more valuable than your own. When did it begin? What
experiences made you devalue your ideas as less than others? Come to understand that you do have
a unique contribution to make to both your personal and professional settings. Find your voice and
trust it. Yes, we should seek the advice and opinions of those we trust and admire but your destiny can
only be forged by trusting yourself with the answers for your future as well as the talents you bring to
the workplace.

Q: I am a having trouble getting my message across to my co-workers. We are having problems meeting
deadlines and as their supervisor I just can’t seem to motivate them to action!
A: Your concern is not uncommon to others in leadership positions. Our last communiqué discussed team
building and tips for effective teams. We define a successful team as one that thrives in co-opetition,
“members contributing their individual best for the collective good.” This is the vital key to motivating
your team - making sure that you are valuing each member for their individual contributions and sharing
the vision of the collective reward. Motivation is not a hard sale. It is encouraging individuals to
continue to do what they already know will benefit them. Work on the communication climate and make
sure you are communicating success and mutual advantage. Read the Mass/Persuasion chapter in ASC.
It provides great tools for influencing your audience.

Q: There are so many different choices in life? I am having trouble navigating through all the different
voices. How can I find my own path?
A: This is the question all of us must ask we seek to understand our unique contribution to the vast universe
of creation. Be careful of the “mass” voices that daily make their way into your consciousness. “Be this,
do that, have this, want that!” Determine where these voices are coming from and what are they asking
of you. Are they driving you towards your individual best or are they asking you to subjugate your
desires to their own? Discover your passion and live in it. Invite only those voices, those choices that
support your dream and add your wonderful contribution to this wonderful creation!

PS. Have a wonderful day. It’s always your choice! And that’s my word!
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