Friday, May 23, 2008

How successful would you be personally and professionally if you had a personal Communication Advisor?

Welcome to the exciting 2008 launch of:

Dear PS: Conversations about Communication™

My passion and mission is to share my expertise as a Communication Specialist. I truly believe in the importance of WORD POWER. As a part of my outreach, I have begun the process of branding
“Dear PS”, the advisor to “go to” for answers involving some of the most complex communication issues surrounding personal, social and professional relationships. I want to be YOUR advocate and advisor helping you to find answers to communication issues that are a part of your daily prescription for peace, love and prosperity. So, what do you have to do? Nothing...just read, enjoy, learn, share and by all means email any questions you would like for “Dear PS” to tackle on any communication issue!

Your monthly Communication Tips will highlight the communication arenas of the Communication Staircase Model™ (CSM), a new step being highlighted each month. This month, let’s start from the very beginning of every communication experience you have, every minute, every day – Intrapersonal- communication with yourself. Visit our website for further understanding of CSM.

Lastly, HCI is excited to announce the release of The Art and Science of Communication, Wiley & Sons Publishers, Inc., available online with major book retailers May 1st and in bookstores nationwide May 10th! There is a Dear PS section at the end of each chapter.

Intrapersonal Communication Tips
Dear PS,

Q: I have spent what feels like a life-time reading and listening to self-help books, tapes/cds, and I still
find myself unable to make the positive changes in my life I am seeking!
A: “As you think, so you are!” Your questions tells me a couple things about your journey, (1) you may be
waiting for a solution outside of yourself and (2) your communication shares that you are not
thinking in a manner that creates positive change. The type of journey you have committed to is
what your entire human life experience is about and as such, it takes a lifetime of care and
commitment. Life is a continuous adventure of growth and change. Be encouraged by this fact: Your
earnest desire is the only requirement for achieving the truth you seek. Stay focused, diligent and
patient. You are guaranteed victory! Examine the communication you are using, moment by moment.
This is the process of self-monitoring your feelings, your thoughts, and your words. You can not
separate your thoughts from your deliberate actions.

Q: I hear about the Law of Attraction so much these days. How does this relate to my words?
A: Another way of understanding the Law of Attraction is replacing the word “attraction” with
“alignment”. What “truth” practitioners are trying to share is that you can not produce in life
what you are not aligned with or what you do not truly believe. Often times, we try to fool ourselves
into believing that we are deserved of all the wonderful things and relationships we can wish for,
but we don’t do the work required to attract these desires to us. We want wealth, but we speak
poverty. We want a great relationship but we believe all men are “dogs” or all women are “gold
diggers”. Our thoughts and words do not align with what we think and say we want. Remember that
saying, “You can’t fool Mother Nature”? Think of Mother Nature as the creative force that produces in
the physical what you really think, feel and speak, not the mask you wear.

Q: I recognize how Intrapersonal Communication may affect my personal life but I do not understand its
connection to my professional life.
A: Always understand you take you wherever you go! The thoughts you wake up with every
morning do not stay behind when you enter the office. They follow you through your whole day!
That is why getting up on the “right side of the bed” (positive thoughts) versus the wrong side
(negative thoughts) is so important. It sets the tone for your entire day and if you have a bad start that
you do not replace with clearer, positive thoughts and attitude, the negative energy produced will
pervade every aspect of your day – every meeting, every interpersonal exchange, every sale, every
conflict - EVERYTHING! Your professional life is a mirror of your internal (personal) life!

PS. Have a wonderful day. It’s always your choice!
And that’s my word!
Pass It On!